Our plan of a sport center created for the design contest of Ludovika Academy forms part of the Campus’ new buildings that protect and block the Orczy garden from the surrounding streets. The main gesture of the building that welcomes the arriving from each directions is the gate that separates the two sides while connecting them as well. As a gate can be considered the foyer inside the building as well as the foreground of the event hall between the public premises and the park. The swimming pool and the sports hall opens from the central distributor space. Behind the unusual shape of the building lies pure rationalism. The arrangements of the functions and the foyer as a formed transitional space are rational. Also the roof form that comes from the different headroom demands is rational. Rationally organized are the different units; the swimming pool’s and the sports hall’s strictly structured volumes. Even the canopies and the retracted volumes of the entrances are rational. The building articulates from rationality. The architectural purpose was to catch the buildings’ centerpoints - not only in a functional way but in an architectural and structural sense as well.

    The main gesture towards the surrounding spaces is the gate of the event space, the swimming pool’s volume organized on the North-South axis and the bilateral entrances, whilst inside the building the two-story foyer, the generous lounge spaces and the feeling of transparency is of the essence. As a counterpoint of the simple wall surfaces in the emphasized places accented gestures and thoroughly designed elements appear such as the staircase of the foyer, the lofts, the presence of natural light, transparencies and the spatial relations. The external surfaces are eased by the playfulness of the ceramic cladding’s ornamentation, whereas the entrances are marked by maintainable flat surfaces. The choice of internal materials is characterized by simplicity and practicality. 

    Our work has been awarded with purchase on the design contest of the National University Of Public Services.