• WESSELÉNYI BATH - 1998., 2003. - Balatonalmádi

    The reconstruction of the Wesselényi bath in Balatonalmádi has a long history. The city council of Balatonalmádi has opened a national design contest in 1998, then based on the plans of the award winner Archikon Kft. was realized in many steps the current state of reconstruction. However due to lack of funds it only concerned less than half of the bath’s area. In the first phase the East wing of the main building has been built. Despite the winning plans calculated with the demolition of the existing building and a new two-story facility with a sun terrace, according to the builder’s request the realized building has a traditional roof form and similar geometry to the original one.

    In 2002-2003 the East entrance and its facilities were finished as the next step. The entrance complex was designed around the elliptical square lying in the intersection of the promenade and the road coming from the city centre. The complex consists of separate units. In the buildings on the side of the coastal promenade are mainly commercial and catering features serving to both sides, while to the inner side we placed the sanitary units, rental services, etc. The design is based on the contrast of the stone walls and wood, in which the wall represents the separation of units while the wood structures (cladding, pergolas, etc.) provide the comfort inside a unit.

    During the execution basically only the buildings were realized. Due to limited financial sources, the important and to the plans related landscape design elements (fountain, playgrounds, plants, drainage system, selective pavement, sandy beach, piers, etc.) were not or only partially materialized.