• CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE - 2002. - Budapest

    At the first sight the new customer service office of District V. reveals its consequent minimalism, spectacular details and the alternation of light and dark surfaces. However, at the second look the place gives much more than that.
    It is a customer focused service unit that is also a pleasant workplace and a brilliant architectural and interior designer solution in a measurable European quality. This, in all aspect 21st centurial office that is a co-creation of Archikon Kft. and Ildikó Mag interior designer differs from the usual mostly in its atmosphere and its materials: the user feels rather as a guest than a customer while walking on the terrazzo pavement, sitting on the leather couch and inspecting the bakelite cladding on the walls.

    The general designer Bilber Kft. gave a completely free hand to the architects and interior designers. Their sole clause was that the new office has to adapt in every detail to the demands of the next millennium, therefore to be human-centred and ergonomically created. From the outside it has to fit in the existing architecture of Erzsébet square while the interior spaces shall meet the principles of contemporary interior design. The outcome is a practical, functional, modern yet friendly workplace. We only can hope that in this really up-to-date environment the quality and efficiency of the actual work will also reach the standards of 21st century.