• RICHTER GEDEON WAREHOUSE - 1999-2012. - Budapest

    Our studio has been appointed to take part in several design projects for Gedeon Richter pharmaceutical factory since 1999. There are raw material warehouse, high bay warehouse, research laboratory, hormone, tablet granulation, injection factory among our works.

    Our last commission has been the facade renovation of a high bay warehouse. The design concept was based on creating a characteristic surface using a simple structure. We suggested an envelope for the building that evokes the sense of motion and dynamics without actually using moving parts. The metal panel facade cladding gives the impression of flow by organizing vertical joints offset from each other in every row instead of keeping them in line. The slightly sticking out glossy steel lamella recessed in every vertical joint enhances this picture. The building has the ability to provide a constantly changing image because of its key visual position reacting on both the dynamic view point of cars going by and the migration of clouds and sun, changing shades, that also keep its surface in a continuous delicate motion.