• PARIS COURT - 2015. - Budapest

    In the heart of the freshly renovated city centre of Budapest, one of Europe’s biggest ceramic-cladded buildings, the Paris Court overpeers the corner of the bustling Ferenciek tere and the more peaceful Petőfi Sándor street. The Belvárosi Takarékpénztár Inc. has been built according to the unique Art Nouveau-style plans of Henrik Schmal . The new owner of Paris Court wishes to create a representative, five star luxury hotel , beseeming the rich past of the building. According to the tradition, on the ground floor and on the mezzanine, stores will open with public place connection.  From the lobby of the passage the visitor can reach the five stories of rooms and apartments through the decorative, unique double staircase or by using the two elevators. We created an atmospheric lounge story by covering the court with a crystal skylight that is a worthy contemporary counterpart of the passage’s glass roofing. The unique panoramic view and new roomy spaces of the top level make two ideal, connectible presidential suits, that is unexampled in Hungary.