• KINDERGARTEN AND CRЀCHE - 2010. - Budapest

    The task to incorporate a crèche and a kindergarten into one building seems natural at first glance. Nevertheless, the law considers one as social and the other as educational function.

    Under Váci street 88. the crèche (ground floor) and the kindergarten (first floor) are located in one building. The service features are placed in the basement.  Standing in the common courtyard, to the East we can reach the crèche and on the other side the kindergarten. A free-formed staircase leads us from the foyer to the upper floor where the dressing rooms are following the same colorful, curvy design.
    The building is a sculpture-like block. It is the absence or extraction of the volumes that create emphasis at the architecturally accentuated, characteristic places, as it is visible in the bay of the entrance court, in the three-story high inner court or at the free spaces of the kindergarten terraces.

    The kindergarten reached the final round at the Media Architecture Prize 2011.