• „ARANYTÍZ” CULTURAL CENTER - 1099., 2009. - Veszprém

    Archikon Kft. has won the task of Laczkó Dezső Museum’s reconstruction through a design contest. Our office provided the licensing plans of the approximately 2.000 sqm museum reconstruction. Although the whole project could not be realized due to lack of funds, during the past years the museum was able to create opportunities for scheduled reconstruction financed from tender sources. As a first step could come true the Archikon Kft. designed foyer and at the same time has been built the exhibition hall on the first floor according to the plans of Narmer Architecture Studio. In the second phase the open library and afterwards the public education room was finished based on our plans.
    Our plans have won the Ist prize on the Laczkó Dezső Museum Reconstruction design contest in 1999.