• IL BACIO COMMERCIAL CENTER - 2012. - Budapest

    IL BACIO DI STILE – from a tenement palace -  to a palace of fashion, 

    L ’OCCHIO DI STILE – from an attic to a fine dining restaurant and bar


    An architectural metamorphosis – repositioning, retuning an eclectic tenement palace on Andrássy street to a palace of fashion.  The existing values of this building built at the turn of the century – the  elegance and decoration of the elevation, gateway, staircase and piano nobile are outstanding values on one side – while the expression of revitalization on the other side. The most important signs that form the new character are the inner atrium courtyard and the attic conversion. The existing inner courtyard, that used to reflect the relations of the courtyard apartments’ subordinate access had to become the central space of an integrated building. The new character is determined by bridges, a perforated inner facade and a light glass structure, transforming the outer space into a permeable inner space. These noble residences were part of a turn of century lifestyle, so the design assignment was the preservation of this saloon- interior feeling within the possibilities of a luxury multibrand store.

    The other sign, that cannot be seen from the street is the roof. A characteristic of the tenement houses in Budapest at that age was an empty attic space. The attic conversion – the restaurant and bar – has gained a new, contemporary character. The mall is covered above the historical courtyard and above starts a different modern world. The two storey high space rises above the contour of the inner courtyard surrounded by arched  glass and metal surfaces. The ascending veil perforated in the middle that supports the ridge, invisible from the street could respond with its free form to the complicated requirements resulted from the functional and layout demands, streetview regulations and view positions. The veil rises towards the view point of the inner gallery from where the Basilica and Buda side unfolds the most beutifully .