• CHATEAU DERESZLA WINERY - 2006. - Bodrogkeresztúr

    In the brae of Bodrogkeresztúr lie the existing, renovated cellars of Dereszla Ltd. and the wine house on the other side of the road, on the shores of Bodrog creek, in Bodrogkisfalud. The new investment was also realized on these two places. The new entrance building is joint to the existing cellar-system in the hillside of Bodrogkeresztúr. We arranged the factory buildings around an inner court, while on the street side lies the administration building in an  assimilating scale to the surrounding buildings. The warehouses and the labeller are hidden in the hillside, covered with green roofs. The processing of grapes and the winery has been established and extended in Bodrogkislfalud.

    We have won the work in a restricted design competition.