The building that was designed in the spirit of post-classicism (by Szabolcs Horváth in 1945) and later realized with the touch of socialist realism in 1949 was the centre of the historical worker traditions in Angyalföld. It was completely transformed during the 80’s. The cultural centre consists of the multi-story, brick cladded building facing the square and the strongly reshaped one-story theatre hall on the court’s side. As far as the bigger building the aim was to preserve and expand its original architectural character and atmosphere from the 40’s. In the place of the building’s rear part we designed a piece that accomplishes the modern demands and needs. The two volumes, the brick-cladded on the square-side and the stone-cladded on the court-side are connected through the bridges in the glazed slit-like patio. We also organized the new communication area around this space as a visual and functioning distributor.

    As interior designer the Kroki Studio has contributed to our work.

    In 2003 there was a restricted design competition held aiming the full reconstruction, that our office has won. We continued the planning according the previous conception and the building was put into use on 23rd October 2006.