The swimming pool was built for the workers of the Richter Gedeon factory with the almost complete reconstruction of the old building. The architectural conception of the reconstruction was made in 2002 and even though long years have passed between the planning and the realization it remained the same. The rationally organized layout and volume of the swimming pool is loosened by the contrasts of the solid and transparent materials, warm and cold surfaces, light and dark colours. The outer wood cladding and the vegetation around the building indicates its function in the gloomy suburban environment. The interior design intends to enhance the blueness of the pool through the contrast between the use of light wood and the anthracite porcelain flooring. 

    The conception of night lights has the same role, therefore making the pool shine in a relatively dark space, meanwhile the strong lighting of the outdoor vegetation oozes through the slots and glass surfaces.

    The building has been awarded with the Budapest Architecture Niveau Prize in 2009.