• MEDICAL CENTER – RÉVÉSZ STR. - 2009. - Budapest

    In this complex health institute found its place the children’s clinic, the adult clinic, the nursing service, the central emergency basis of the district and a pharmacy. These establishments work as independently operated and maintained organisations. This conception was realized in the layout arrangement, as the doctor’s offices, sickrooms, etc. open from the waiting rooms of each unit. The building’s wiggling volume creates intense green areas, courts.

    An other aspect of the balling arrangement of the building is the ability to provide natural light for the offices, sickrooms, workplaces and social blocks as well as the less artificially ventilated spaces. This layout structure gives a unique fifth facade to the building that is visible from the surrounding tall houses. 

    The waiting rooms’ walls are decorated with the paint designs of artist Diána Nagy.

    The building has been awarded with the Budapest Architecture Niveau Prize in 2009.